Project Squidge is about creating themed reading 'events', delivered to schools electronically and free of charge. The aim of the packs is to encourage reading through funny and engaging stories and to promote broader literacy using related exercises and games. There are two packs with everything you'll need in each for a full week of lessons, including whiteboard flip charts and activities. We also provide free themed activities for kids and parents at home, to accompany the Squidge e-books.

The Squidge packs are intended for children at Key Stage 2, and are devised and written by Andrew Thomas, who is a primary school teacher in London, as well as a mine of story ideas. We have been getting lovely feedback from teachers all over the country but it's early days, and we really want to know what teachers think of Project Squidge. If you do decide to download and use the material, thankyou, and feel free to tell us exactly what you think by completing our feedback form - we need feedback to help us produce good material that really works in the classroom. - And now, we'd like to introduce you to Squidge, a little elf.